Fishcoat & Other Tales


Welcome to Fishcoat & Other Tales.


I hope you enjoy my website. As a new writer, I am keen to make connections with other writers and to bring my work to a larger audience. There's so much to learn from one another, so many ideas and inspirations.  

My genre is Dark Fantasy. With my YA Trilogy finished and the first book published, I am working on a collection of short stories and an adult book.

"Made of wood and metal, the coach was completely black, the horses too, with their manes flying, their coats shining slick like oil in the moonlight.  Perched high on his seat, the driver was cracking his whip, urging them on, faster and faster, his face and body hidden in a long black coat."

Set in North Roscommon in the West of Ireland, this adult horror uses the Irish legends of The Dullahan and the pagan god, Crom Dubh to explore the nature of loss and bereavement. Currently in between drafts, I am hoping to start sending it out next year.


Fishcoat & Other Tales: Anthology

"It began to rain softly, not so much of a drizzle as a fine mist, that caught the sun and made everything gleam."



Set  in Ireland and the UK, this collection takes it's inspiration from Irish, British and European mythology and the many stunning places I have been lucky to see.